Shots and Giggles

Shots and Giggles is located on the corner of Ann and Greene Street next door to Tattoos & Scars Saloon.  A local's favorite known for its intimate setting.  S & G features over 60 craft beers, fine wine and premium liquors.


S & G will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary this Thanksgiving of 2013 with their Annual "Party Like a Rock Star" celebration.


Owners Steve Kibbe and Hannia Rivera have been a part of Key West for over 18 years.   Steve arrived in Key West via Compton, California.   However he is often seen around town in an Eagles jersey.    Hannia, a diehard Redskins fan, arrived in Key West via Annapolis, MD is often seen wearing  her "I hate Dallas" t-shirt around town.


As lifelong restauranteurs and bar managers, Steve and Hannia are fortunate to have realized their dream of owning this little piece of hidden paradise.  















                                   S & G Commercial                                                           1st Anniversary "Party Like a Rockstar"